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Nicholas Drake

Photo by Dennis Buurman


“Australia’s Wellbeing Framework: Is It Really Measuring What Matters?” With Kate Sollis (Geography, Planning, and Spatial Sciences, University of Tasmania) and Paul Campbell (School of Medicine and Psychology, ANU). Invited article.

“Wellbeing Frameworks and Future Generations.” Revise & resubmit at Public Affairs Quarterly

“Wellbeing for Public Health: A Framework for Action.” With Amanda Kvalsvig (Otago), Karen McBride-Henry (VUW), Lynne Russell (VUW), Kristen Maynard, Gerry Redmond (Flinders, UNSW), Rebecca Bell.

 “Conceptual Engineering, Disability, and Public Policy.” Under submission.

“How to Engineer an Account of Wellbeing.” Under submission.

“An Account of Child Wellbeing for Public Policy.” Under submission.

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